Developed by and for CSR professionals, the Institute’s curriculum is grounded in practice and applicability. Participatory in nature and designed for adult learners, the curriculum explores the scope and complexity of CSR, including its evolution, current trends, and key components, while also delving into professionals challenges, ethical considerations, measurement and evaluation models, making the business case, and much more.

Module 1 | The Business of Corporate Social Responsibility
This course module examines the evolution, key components, and current complexities of CSR. During this session, participants hear directly from industry experts as we explore the internal, external, and business-case rationale for building, expanding, and refining a company’s social responsibility strategy and program.

Module 2 | Sustainability & Ethical Behavior of Corporations
In this course module, participants delve into numerous real-life case studies as we consider the values and attributes of what it truly means to be a responsible company. This interactive session explores a variety of ethical challenges, considers how corporate policies and governance intersect with a company’s CSR strategy, and explores the role of sustainability in creating social value and building company’s reputation.

Module 3 | Strategic Investments
This course module analyzes current trends and best practices in corporate philanthropy, social investing, and employee engagement. Explore ways to leverage ALL of your company’s resources to achieve greater social return all while increasing employee satisfaction and retention, profitability and business-alignment, and brand reputation.

Module 4 | Measuring & Communicating CSR
In this course module, participants spend a full day exploring a spectrum of practical CSR measurement and evaluation models, followed by another full day exploring best-practice strategies for communicating a company’s CSR goals and achievements to internal and external audiences.

Class Logistics

During the course of study, participants will join 10-14 different 90-minute Zoom video sessions. All sessions will be recorded, as well.